Caring for Your Wool Throws and Cushions

May 06, 2019

Caring for Your Wool Throws and Cushions

If looked after properly, there's no reason why your wool throws, blankets and cushions shouldn't last for many years. The key thing to remember is to avoid heat and agitation/friction, or you will soon end up with a pile of felt (which can also be very beautiful, but not necessarily what you want!)

Pure new wool throws can easily be machine washed - washing machines do often have a specific wool cycle but if not, choose a cold cycle without a spin. You can also buy detergent specifically for wool and delicates. Once washed, it is best to dry throws flat, and to avoid wringing or rubbing them on anything.

Remember that wool does have loose fibres and that bobbling an pilling are all part of it's charm. You might want to use a lint roller periodically to remove loose fibres, and a pilling comb can carefully be used across the surface of the fabric if desired.

Our baby blankets, merino, lambswool and alpaca products are dry clean only.