Top 5 Ways to Show Off Your LED Light Strings

October 17, 2017

Top 5 Ways to Show Off Your LED Light Strings

Christmas isn't far away and once again there's lots of lovely lights available everywhere you look! Buying them is the easy part; once they are unpackaged how do you arrange them in order to best show their twinkly warmth? These are our five favourite ways to use LED light strings around your home this Christmas...

1. Around a mirror. Drape around the edge of a mirror for warmth in a hallway or bedroom. The reflection will give you double the effect!

2. Inside a lantern. Give your home a welcoming glow with lanterns full of lights in the porch, on the windowsill, or even outside.

3. In a glass jar or bowl. A twist on the original idea of lights in a vase. Add some moss or pinecones for a festive feel.

4. Wrapped around a tree. LED wire lights especially lend themselves to being wrapped around a plant or tree.

5. On the tree, of course! Classic white lights, modern LED's, or bright colours - they all look great against a traditional Christmas tree.

Why not join us on Pinterest for some more magical ideas on decorating the garden this Christmas?