Our Story

When I was twelve I started to work part time in my Dad’s business – a builders merchant in the Durham Dales. I soon became the member of staff that spent the most time helping customers to choose products for their homes and gardens. I also spent quite a lot of time buying in products, carefully selecting items based on current trends and on what customers were asking us for. Dad and I spent a lot of time after dinner, sat at the kitchen table debating my choices and whether he agreed or not. Dad’s careful guidance in those early days meant that very quickly he could leave me to make those product selections by myself. Completing a Product Design degree has also enabled me to make informed choices on well designed products. 


Over the years I have developed a keen interest in home improvement projects, as well as picking up some useful skills from my Mum. I love choosing fabrics and making them into curtains and blinds, or selecting the right patterns, yarns and buttons to knit or sew different garments.


Our product offering has changed, but I am still keen to supply our customers with the best products that we can source. Every product in our store has been carefully selected and is often something that we have bought previously for our own home.


 We are a small family team and we try to deliver good old fashioned levels of customer service, just like Dad taught us to.  Whatever your style, I hope that you can take a little inspiration from the quality products in the Bluebird Store and get the most from your space.


We do not have a retail shop but we do regularly attend fairs. If you would like to know where we might 'pop up' next then check out our social media pages or sign up for our newsletter.