Fibre Guide

The Different Fibres Used in Our Range...

different wool fibres

Pure New Wool is shorn from a sheep after it's first shear. It has not yet been used, recycled or re-purposed in any way; it is as the name suggests 'new'. 

Lambswool is from the first shearing of a lamb when the fleece is no longer than 50mm (when the lamb is around seven months old). It is soft and silky and makes for a high grade yarn.

Merino Wool comes from a merino sheep. It is super soft and fine which makes it ideal for wearing next to the skin. It is naturally long and therefore stronger than other fibres.

Alpaca Wool is taken from an Alpaca. Depending upon how it is spun it can be light or heavy in weight. It is a soft and silky fibre which feels luxurious. It is warmer than wool from sheep, is not prickly or itchy, and it does not contain lanolin so is considered hypoallergenic.