The Green Pockets Amma Acrylic Growing Pocket

These Green Pockets are made from 100% Acrylic Fibre, and with a soft finish are ideal for interior use. Each Green Pocket is supplied with a re-usable plastic liner, allowing you to place a clean vertically planted area anywhere you choose to in your home. The pockets have fibreglass bars inside the top and bottom seams to keep them rigid and in shape, whilst a stainless steel eyelt in each corner allows you to join them together, or simply fix individual Green Pockets to the wall.
Each Green Pocket has overall dimensions of 50cm high x 45cm wide. The pocket itself measures 20cm x 25cm and is in the centre of the material.

A wide range of colours means you can fully customise your vertical garden to your decor. Team these colours with our range of stainless carabiners or coloured cable ties for the perfect finishing touch.

Please note Green Pockets are supplied individually, and all fixings are supplied separately.

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